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THUKST Christmas Competition!


It’s that festive time of year again: time for a Christmas competition!!

This year THUKST is in the festive mood for all things mysterious. We want you to get out those magnifying glasses and clicking fingers, as we're going to hide four articles of the bands christmas clothing on our website and social networks! This could be Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or LJ - you'll find the links on our main website. However, who owns which article and where is it!? And where are their Christmas stockings?!

The boys seem to have misplaced some items of clothing, and in a last minute rush, they'll have to find them so that things are ready for them when they get back from Japan to celebrate Christmas!

And where are their stockings to put each others gift in?!

Looks like you're going to have to help the boys find their clothes and Christmas stockings!

Four items of clothing, and four stockings will be posted (one per day) on our website and social network sites, and without your help, the boys are going to be scrooges for the holidays!

Over the next 8 days, the items will reveal themselves in different locations. Keep an eye on our Twitter for clues throughout the competition! The first item will be revealed on the evening of the 12th of December! The competition will then run for the next 10 days. You will have the last 2 days to find any items you may have missed, and email us your entry.

1 x English Best Of Album
* 1 x Humaniod City Tour Live CD/DVD combo
1 x Audi Comic featuring the Twins!

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Three year anniversary of RSG UK Single release (27th August 2007)

A new THUKST Fan Action!

In June we celebrated the three year anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s London concert by taking you down memory lane. With this in mind it does not feel right to ignore the three year anniversary of the one and only UK music release which was Ready, Set, Go! on 27th August 2007.

That calls for a download day or even a week, doesn’t it? So let’s have some fun with this. :D

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Biggest multi-fanclub contest ever!


Finally the time has come to announce the biggest multi-fanclub contest ever! Click the banner above to find out all the details you need to take part, have some fun and maybe win a fantastic prize! Please take your time and read everythinng carefully. The contest will start tomorrow, 1st July at 7pm.
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BILD article with comment by David Jost

Most of you will know by now that Tom recently has been involved in an incident with a stalker that led to lots of confusion and speculation amongst TH fans. While we are waiting for an official statement concerning the incident itself, David Jost spoke to BILD and an article was published revealing more information about preliminary events leading up to whatever happened at a petrol station a couple of days ago.

For pictures of the stalker gang go to the source here and click the right arrow on the big picture (as seen below).

Translation of the article:

Is that why Tom Kaulitz went ballistic?

Masked girls hunt “Tokio Hotel”


They’ve been chasing the rock band for months

His fans are puzzled over why he lost control over himself so much. Is there a possible explanation for his behaviour now?

Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz (19) went ballistic at a petrol station in Hamburg. The musician hit a young woman (21) in the face after she stubbed out a cigarette on his car. Thereupon she filed charges against the rock star.

Bild now learned: The woman is supposed to be part of a stalker gang from France. They call themselves “Les afghans on tour” (The Afghans on tour). Four girls are supposed to be part of the gang that has been following the band’s every move for half a year. The young women are mostly hooded and masked.

The stalkers allegedly also besieged the band members’ flats. They allegedly threw eggs at the musicians’ cars, wrote threatening letters and harassed family members.

In a threatening letter to “Tokio Hotel” that’s available to BILD, the girls claim that they would be more than normal fans and threaten the band with a “little nightmare” for the following week. Furthermore it says: “Attention, attention... We're unhappy. We're growing impatient. DO YOU UNDERSTAND US???”

Even the mother of Bill and Tom was allegedly threatened and assaulted by the stalker gang last week. Charges against the stalkers have been filed (reference 2009 004 57397).

Tokio Hotel’s manager and producer David Jost confirmed the incidents towards BILD.

He says: “One of those masked stalker girls assaulted a family member of Bill and Tom on 8th April. We've immediately filed charges against the girl the following day and will file more charges now.”
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Competition Part 2!

Competition time!

Well I do apologise my lovelies, life has been rather hectic. But, here we are with the second round of the forum competition!

This is open to THUKST forum members that registered BEFORE March 1st 2008.


Your task for the competition is to print the below poster and make an impact! Take it to the most crowded, unusual place you can think of locally and take a picture. Be innovative - get it noticed! The idea is to get as many people looking as possible, so you could mount it and make it part of a massive banner. Or you could print out 50 copies and make a collage in the school playground. You could pin loads of them all over your clothes and walk through the town centre. Anything to get people to notice!

It should be highly visible.

You should aim to get as many random people in the photo as possible.

You must take a photo of what you do with it. That will be your entry, so try and get in as many people looking on as possible. We want to see fun, we want to see crazy, we want to see people looking at you and your Tokio Hotel poster!


* Print off the following poster:
Competition Poster

* Get creative!

* Send photo to

* DO NOT LITTER. (If you are using multiple copies in a public area, or anything like that, clean up after yourself.)

* You have until Monday 21st July to submit your photo.

* The person with the coolest, most creative use of the poster will win the second fan package. Judges are the admin team.

Any questions?

Get your thinking caps on!

Claire x
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Rock Mag | Parc Des Prince special

The very popular French magazine "Rock Mag" has just brought out a special on THs Parc Des Prince concert. The great news for us is that there is a mention of THUKST and a picture.

When we were sat in our seats at the concert, we were approached by  the "French fanpage" on myspace, who told us  they were doing a report for Rock Mag and that she would like us to be in it. She took a couple of snaps of us (none of those ones seemed to be included, they must have had other photographers that got a better picture), including one of my wrist band (which we have a suspicion is on the front cover with my hand photoshoped out LOL).

Below are scans of the magazine were you can see not only a mention for the UK and its massive flag but a big picture, of me, Claire and Susi with it aswell :).

Here is a rough translation:

Among the 31 000 spectators were the UK Street Team with their big flag.

The end of paragraph 3 on page 22, something along the lines of:

That there were lots of countries represented and that they saw the Official Italian fanclub, the Official Swiss forum and from the UK, with a flag, the UK Street Team

This is great news for the UK and great publicity .... YAY!

Thanks Nash xx

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Welcome to the Official Tokio Hotel UK Street Team community!

To get involved at the planning stage of all Street Team campaigns and activities, please join Our lovely forum!! There you will be able to make suggestions for campaigns, contribute to brain storming and meet fellow street team members in your local area!

You must join the community to view the entries!

Street Team Leader