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Tokio Hotel takes on the UK!

Nothing can stop us now

Official Tokio Hotel UK Street Team
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Layout by the wonderful 4am_secret.

Welcome to the Official Tokio Hotel UK Street Team!

Join the Official Street Team on Myspace to hear an exclusive message from the band to Street Team members.

Tokio Hotel have already got the rest of Europe worshipping them. Now it's time for the UK to get on their knees.

This Official Tokio Hotel Street Team for the UK is where you can join us to make it happen. If you want to see Tokio Hotel make more music, play UK gigs and continue to entertain us, then join the Street Team and be one part of the exclusive Tokio Hotel crew in the UK.

Join our local and national campaigns to get Tokio Hotel in the magazines, on the TV and on the radio!

In return, we will bring you exclusive news, all the gossip and the chance to win tickets to see the guys!

To add the Official Tokio Hotel UK Street Team in all the places you hang out, click on the following links:

Official Street Team Forum


Live Journal



Looking for a comprehensive fansite in English? Visit tokiohotel.org.uk for a great site full of info and news!